We know how hard you worked on your material so we make sure to give it special attention. Every script submitted to the NYC International Screenplay Awards receives a full read and written feedback as part of the entry fee. Our readers are all MFA graduates with at least 3 years reading experience. When your script is entered, it is sent to a genre-specific reader to ensure your script is read by someone enthusiastically immersed in the genre. This is how we guarantee quality control and a fair judging process. By providing feedback on each script, we guarantee that the script is being read carefully and given full consideration. and care. 

Our analysis system is practically the same as what the studios and distributors use to vet their scripts. We are all about objective, fact-based analysis.

We score your script across the 10 main categories that comprise of script, including but not limited to: Character, dialogue, structure, pacing, and tone. Each category is reviewed with a series of questions that factor every angle of every category.

That being said, some categories carry greater weight than others. For example, character has way more gravity than premise.

All-in-all, we deliver a solid and fair scoring system that ensures that the best writers rise to the top. It’s how we have established a reputation as the go-to screenwriting contest for screenwriters, managers, agents, and producers on the east coast.