The Top Ten Must-Have Screenwriting Software Platforms

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The Most Popular Screenwriting Software Revealed

Most scripts are created with screenwriting software today, we will go over some of most popular choices for screenwriters.

By Jen B.

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If the idea of formatting your first script sounds somewhat daunting on your own, you might consider the use of screenwriting software. This type of software is specifically designed to help you ensure your script is in the correct format. There are many different types of screenwriting software programs available. Some programs are actually standalone applications that can be used right on your desktop while others are web applications that are designed to run inside a web browser so that you do not have to worry about installing any type of software.

The latter type of application utilizes a personal log-in. In addition, there are also some applications that are available which can be used as an add-in for a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Along with the basic formatting, some screenwriting programs also include budgeting, production and collaborative editing tools.

Some of the more common screenwriting programs that are available today include:

Final Draft
This program is available for both Mac and Windows and is designed for writing television episodes, stage plays and movie scripts. This is by far the most popular screenwriting software and the industry standard.

Page 2 Stage
This is a Windows platform program that is designed to be used for writing scripts, plays and screen plays. It is available in 30 different languages.

Script Buddy
This is an Internet app platform program, meaning it is completely web based. To use the program you will need to sign up for an account with ScriptBuddy. All of your scripts will be stored in your personal account so that they cannot be accessed by anyone else.

This is a free macro program that is available to format scripts, including screenplays. 

This is another web based application that is available for writing and formatting screenplays. It offers a collaborative tools that make it possible to work together in public or in private groups. 

This is an Internet based application that offers script registration as well as script writing. 

The above screenwriting programs are generally available for free, or at least offer a demo or trial version. 

The programs below are available for purchase.

Script Wizard
This is a Windows based program that offers full service script writing add on capabilities for Word. Tools include page break, format, writing, editing, scene numbering, proofing, print and even the ability to deliver scripts via email or fax.

Movie Magic Screenwriter 

This program is available for Mac and automates certain formatting elements such as action, dialogue, character, etc.

Movie Outline
This program is available for Mac and Windows and offers an intuitive design based on step- outlining, making it possible to format a screenplay scene by scene.

This program is available for Mac OS X and offers editing, creation and screenplay management. It allows you to import Final Draft documents and includes templates for film, television and theater that are custom and pre-formatted.

This program is available for Windows and Mac.

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