We take pride in our work and our commitment to helping writers is a testament to the value we provide to our writers. Every script submitted to the contest gets feedback, something unique to our competition. It’s our way of maintaining the integrity of our screenplay competition. Below are just a few comments from our writers regarding our feedback.

“Thank you very much for the coverage, this is really useful.”

Yulia Shunto

Thanks for following up, Mel! [The manager you set me up with] liked the script so I’m going back for a second meeting on Thursday. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Will keep you in the loop. Grateful, as always!

Suzanne Griffin

I’m so glad I did the consultation. It was eye opening. I’m still digesting it all but I’ve never gotten advice like that so it’s a breath of fresh air. Thanks you for your awesome screenplay contest. From the feedback, to the consult, to the overall communication that you guys provide… you’re the best!

Ben Burt