We take pride in our work and our commitment to helping writers is a testament to the value we provide to our writers. Every script submitted to the contest gets feedback, something unique to our competition. It’s our way of maintaining the integrity of our screenplay competition. Below are just a few comments from our writers regarding our feedback.

“This is the best feedback/notes I’ve received as part of the entrance fee – I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for notes from festivals that were basically worthless… you made my month.”

Jamie Sutliff

“I am so glad I sent my two screenplays to this competition. The feedback is excellent. The person writing the critiques is spot on and helpful to the writer. I will use these insights in rewrites and on my new stuff. Keep doing this. You are helping writers hone their craft. Thanks again!”

Philip Lombardi

“Thank you for the concise and insightful critique.”

Alan Harrington

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