What does it take to be a screenwriter?

Screenwriters are in constant search of attention from the right producer. That’s why you enter reputable screenwriting contests. You are one good connection from changing your career.

The good news is that a career as a screenwriter is more accessible today than ever before… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Because of the hurricane of material coming into agencies and studios today, the film industry depends on professional screenwriting competitions to discover new writers and the best scripts.

But the proliferation of screenwriter contests is enough to make your head spin. But as you get ready to upload your blood-sweat-and-tears to the next screenwriter contest, be sure you understand a few basics:

  1. Know who you’re dealing with. Is the jury really in the business of writing, producing, or directing film and TV projects?
  2. Who is going to be reviewing and judging your script. If the contest organizers don’t name their judges and give you their professional credits, doesn’t that tell you something? Any organization with legitimate jurists will promote those jurists.
  3. Does the competition offer feedback? Nothing is worse than entering your screenplay and not knowing whether anyone gave it the time of day. Enter a movie script contest like the NYC International Screenplay Awards where you are guaranteed feedback with your entry. This is solid proof that your script was read.

You need to deal only with established professionals with an ethical review process… the kind you’ll find here. Enter your feature screenplay, tv pilot, or short script and see why the NYC International Screenplay Awards is the most highly touted screenplay competition in the market.