Screenwriting Competitions 101: Improving Focus

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How To Improve Focus For Screenwriting Competitions

Ever had an opportunity to apply for screenwriting competitions but you are challenged because you have no script?

By Jen B.

You decide that you need to need to write it but what writing a good script needs is focus. How should one develop the focus to write their screenplay? Keep reading to crack the code. 

When you are distracted from the world and concentrate on what you want to do and have to do, you will get it done

Screenwriting Competitions Require Research and Thinking.

A good start is to think about your topic of interest. Start from looking from some online screenplay ideas to gather what has already been put out in the industry. You would not want to plagiarize your content and be dismissed from ever participating again. Usually ideas carry the same themes so it is not difficult to come across an idea that you think is original to you but that is something you have already seen in a similar form. After you have completed your first step, it is time to look for basic requirements like screenplay format example and screenplay font. You should have your format right otherwise your screenplay won’t be read by anyone. This is a basic requirement that should be met. 

However, researching does not require as much as focus as writing in itself. If you are full time writing from home then it is a bigger challenge to maintain focus. As you already have an idea, to give yourself a sense of achievement, try to write your screenplay title page. There is a high chance that you may not have a title as of yet but writing that will mean that you have a plan and you will like to see it fulfilled. After all, it is an amazing feeling to have your name written on a screenplay front page. You will push yourself to work towards it. 


Sit alone and isolate yourself:

Now that you have already written the title page with the first title, embark on writing the screenplay. One way to retain that focus is by sequestering yourself. Sit alone and in an isolated corner of the house. Sitting alone is miraculous in setting a focus for work. When you are distracted from the world and concentrate on what you want to do and have to do, you will get it done. Keep your mobile phone either in another room or far away from you. Nothing breaks a concentration cycle as quickly as a look at your phone. Unfortunately, you lose focus for a good ten to twenty minutes. Ask yourself if it is worth it. Yes, maybe you would like to remain in contact and not miss out important calls. So, at least one thing you can do is to limit the screen time on certain applications, this will prevent you from accessing those applications. If distracted, what you lose is far greater. Remember that you had to take proper measures to build your attention and focus. You wouldn’t want to lose your ideas for twenty minutes of Instagram. 

Motivate Yourself To Increase Concentration For Creating More Screenplay Ideas.

If a good cup of tea helps in building your concentration or a look at the sky makes you dream higher, do it. Writing is a tedious, lonely process, if something helps to motivate you during this time, use it to help yourselves. Use inspirational quotes, rather write your own quotes to know that you have to go higher and you need to get your focus right to achieve your dreams. 


Hold Yourself Accountable, Distractions Will Stop You From Winning The Screenplay Contest.

screenwriting competitions distractions

 It isn’t deniable that writing at home can get tough. You have several distractions but also people to look after so that they are not worried where you have disappeared also you will have household chores. Hence, no matter what people try they find it hard to focus at home. Unfortunately, they find themselves focusing one day and getting lazy for two. So, scheduling helps. Try to schedule and plan what you need to be done and by what time. One good reminder is to set a deadline, write to yourself that you need to get a thing done in your life and that too by a certain time. Send an email to yourself, congratulating yourself, that you got these number of pages written today. When you will get those reminders you will either feel a sense of achievement or guilt if you have or haven’t completed the work by that time. This will lead you to work better towards your goal.

Look For a Co-Working Space.

co working space screenplay competition

However, if you still find yourself being lazy in the house and losing all your focus being surrounded with people, work and chores, you should look for a co working space. Co working spaces are a good place to channel your concentration. It works like an office setup and you will know that you have to spend a certain amount of time in the co working space without any distraction to work with your full potential. You will consider your script as a job and put your efforts and required time. Some co working spaces also have separate soundproof cabins that can help increase focus without any sound distractions. All you will need is to bring out your best performance and be consistent.  

 Still if you find yourself lagging behind, remember to pick up some work that requires less concentration but steers you in the direction of focus and brings you out from laziness. For instance, if you have no motivation for any work, take out some post it notes and write down your day’s schedule on it. Or tidy up, dress up neat and clean. At least this way you will have made some effort for the day and you are ready to take it heads on.  

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