Semi Finalist

Project Title Writer 21st Century Pirate Adam Golden Berlin Snatch Jack DuArte Maddie’s Christmas Show Chris Carnicelli The Summer of Stirrings Tony Severe MUSIC WILL NEVER BE THE SAME MUSIC WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Old Growth Komette Elgee LOVE WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY Natalya Anderson The Crystal House Diane Young Avenue A Stanley Katz […]

Semi Finalist Oct 2023

Title Name 2020 Xi Ren Ayzn Evangeline Palting Broadway Loves Me cal athan CAPTIVITY RW Jones Drovers Bruce Dundore Family Affairs Siena Gostigian Forty Winks Andrew Stein FREE RUN James Dillon Glory Hills G. Wallace Heals Lisa Gorlitsky Heartbreaker Andrew Stein Hidden Todd Lien Hiding Behind God Vince Grittani Kalytera (Full Length) Theodore Teris Knuckles […]

Semi Finalists

Title Name 16th Street Kevin Michael Morin A Place in the World Michael Stern BrooklynStart Brandon Triola Charli Amber Jones Cohetes Drew Saplin Creatures of Chaos James Moon FAIRE Tessa Flannery Field Day Brett Allen Fishing With Elvis Mark Gentile Halo Bryce Breen Hiding Behind God Vince Grittani Holy Warfare Robert Milius Hunt Man’s Land […]

Nov 25 2022 SF

TITLE  WRITER A Place in the World Michael Stern A WEEK OF WAR Drissa Kande Age of silence Heixan Robles An Empty Place Jeremy Cohen ANOTHER Sune Sorensen ANSHEL Itai Adam Vagner Beasts Of War Emilio Mesa BLACK PINOCCHIO Gilbert Moore Camden Street Station Dennis Snider Catching Pure Adam Tran Desert Star News Robert Haus […]

June 2022 – SF

TITLE WRITER 100,000+ Sandy Tung ‘1968: Precipice’ David Risk ‘DAVID THE MAGNIFICENT AND HIS FEROCIOUS BEAST’ Gary Hebbel A Little Sedated 2022 Joey Sanders A Night at Gatsby’s Richard Vigilante Amends Siena Gostigian American Fallout Harry Kakatsakis B Damned Enric Folch Balm of Rectitude Laura Bollinger Best Life Ever Tina Gandhi Bite Me Phoebe Lapine […]

January 2022 Semi Finalists

TITLE WRITER A Boy Named David Rob McIntosh A Dirty Business Gregg Greenberg A Family Quest Ruth Simerly A Nice Place to Visit John Munn A Siren’s Sweet Whisper Fred G Stemme Adventures in Serial Killing John Munn AIRMID Steve McCarten Amends Siena Gostigian Angels in the OR Kac Young Arkadelphia Laurie McKinsey B damned […]

2021-Summer SF

TITLE WRITER A BOXED LIFE Frank MENDICINO A Death in the Family Alex Surowitz Altarcation Harold Katkov ART – The Movie Musical Matthew Puckett Bad Witch Jonathan Hopkins Blame it in on 1999 minjun kim BLUE SKY AND I DURNFORD KING Bound By Blood Dakota Banks Breaking the Girl Cheryl Calderone BRICKBAT Mark Donnell BUCKETS […]

2021 Winter SF

TITLE WRITER A Cozy Little Town Edward Hicklin A Fire in the Mind Ken White A Free Man Chelsea Harfoush A Secret to Tell Andre Orr An Odd Sort of Evening – Feature Sam Caton ANITA TACO JT O’Neal Antonia Allways – Who is Merlin? Gordon Phipps As Burns This Saint Jake Baird Baby Boomers […]

2020 Spring Semi-Finalists

WRITER SCRIPT TITLE Alonso Aliaguilla Second Modernity Andres Otero Slab City Trip Barry Jay AROUSED Carlos Vin Lopes Paradise at Night Carolyn Benjamin The Lunatic Dale Brandenburg The Caterer Daniel Wallner BLEAK Daniele Dominguez VEILED FENCES Dmitriy Yurovsky Sentient Eric Ibarra Chulajuana Eric Sollars Horrible Hannah Gemal Woods Delusion of Power Haynie Walker Anartist Helen […]

3.12.20 Winter SF

TITLE NAME A Crack in the Sky Tom Franey A Holiday Sensation Michael B Snow Aethernaut Adrian Innaimo All Good Men George Rubino As Dead As It Gets Bruce  & Mackenzie Kalish Away With My Heart Hoyt Richards Blue Heat Skyler Thompson Braddock Gregory Caruso Broken Halos james grayford Chaos and Order Matt Curtsinger Childhood […]