Quarter Finalist Oct 2023

Title Name A CALL FROM CHINA Ye Zhang Adjacent Beds Robert Herzog Applause KAT SPARKS Banished: The Story of a Great Injustice Cody McDevitt BED FELLOWES Pilot Steve Wyatt Certain Something Molly McCollow Cinnamon Girl Trish MacEnulty Clubland Amer Nazir Creatures of Chaos James Moon Cyber Attack Patrick Sarnataro Dear Forgiveness Lawrence Dumas Jr. Dear, […]

Quarter Finalist

Title Writer ‘The Torrential Ford John Gillevet ‘Wrong Turn at Albuquerque Daniel Pero A Very Bad Divorce Niles Welikson Brother Rosalino Frank Kyazze Call of the Void Benjammin None Carmine Kevin Overton Cruise of the Amberjack Evelyn Foster Da MaN Oronde Lewis Dark Alley Erik Huska Donald’s Block Party Matt Rhoden Flatline James Lee Game […]

Nov 25 2022 QF

TITLE  WRITER A Ghastly Sight David Wang A RIGHT ROYAL PICKLE Rita Wheeler A Siren’s Sweet Whisper Fred G Stemme A tribe, a priest and baseball Garrison Wells ABRAHAM VAN HELSING AND THE HUNT FOR JACK THE RIPPER Gary Raskin Agency of Record Episode 1 ‘Nuts!’ Donald McKinney Alternative Education Sandra Moonias An Unfamiliar Life […]

June 2022 QF

TITLE WRITER 99 Cent Dreams Pilot Jess Costa A BLIND EYE Alan Larson A RED MADRASA SCHOOL UNDER MAO Gang Chen A Sensible Lunatic Lyle Deixler AFTERBURN Llawrence Cremo AGAIN Melissa L. White Again, Mama Geqi Li ALEX MCKENNA SERIES Vicki-Ann Bush All In Lisa Triano An Tobar Dorcha; The Dark Well Mac McCord AnimaLib […]

January 2022 Quarter Finalists

TITLE WRITER 16 Doors Jeff Broussard A Grozny Affair Zed Martin A long road ahead Bernhard Riedhammer A Promise of Vengeance Giacomo Giammatteo Adult Acne Jade Tremblay Airborne Kiley Rothweiler Almost All American Richard Winzeler Aloha Carl Hellstrom AMERICA: THE TRUTHFULLY ABSURD LIFE AND TIMES OF FLORANCE MELTINGPOTT John T. Frederick Amongst the Ordinary Jeremy […]

2021 Summer QF

TITLE WRITER 2001 Jagger Waters A Girl in the Rain Edward Givans A Rare Gem Paul Landry A Savage River Todd Allen A Tickle in Time Max Golden AFTER ALCATRAZ Kevin Bruce Alternate Reality louy fierce Amal Mershad Torabi Antony and Cleopatra (a mini-series) – Episode 1 David Witmer Avalon Farms (Academy) Sierra Blanco Azucar- […]

2021 Winter QF

TITLE WRITER 15 Minutes Lori Dunklin 2 Brothers Thomas Pierre Maddox 6th Sense ‘Pilot: I Saw What Happened’ Heidi Segal A Brave Soul Timothy Patrick O’Neill A Drop of Time Stephanie Hoernes A fighter’s heart kelly byrnes A Heart Laid Bare–The Extraordinary Life of E.A.Poe Pavel Cerny A Love Story John Hancock A Stop In […]

2020 Spring Quarter-Finalists

WRITER SCRIPT TITLE A.M. Massey Finding Redemption Alicia Ocana Ashes Alicia Ocana We’re Fine Bill Foster I Heard the Quail Whistle Cadell Cook Joleen Carlos Candal Alcidar Chris Preyor Tribe Colin Pierce Lenny’s Luck Connor Rielly Hush Corey Baker Stalked Damien Mulvany Diorbivol Dean Harakas Mirrors At Night Denise Widman The Doctor’s Wife Dora Kiss […]

3.12.20 Winter QF

TITLE NAME 13th Evil Jermar Smith A Couple of Months Deborah Riley A CREEP – with name and info Gahee Lee A FATAL CURE Lolita Fortuin A Perfect Sugar For My Cup Of Tea Venkata Nagaraju Mylavarapu Adam’s Birth Robert Weis Ajeeta the Invincible Terry Lynam ALEWIVES Meredith Genesoni Bellmount Acorye White Bison and Bobcat […]


Aaron Cohen-Altman My Name Is Lily Abhi Jeyakkumar Can’t Spell Harmony Without Harm alessandra cardoso Love at First Night Alexander Tyson Blood Bond Alexander Tyson Blood Bond II Alexander Tyson No Other Way Allie Moh Longshorewoman Andrew Horton FINDING WHAT Angel Connell Evening of the Evil Eye Anthony Fernandez A Lady of Vassar Anthony Williams […]