Quarter Finalist Oct 2023

Title Name A CALL FROM CHINA Ye Zhang Adjacent Beds Robert Herzog Applause KAT SPARKS Banished: The Story of a Great Injustice Cody McDevitt BED FELLOWES Pilot Steve Wyatt Certain Something Molly McCollow Cinnamon Girl Trish MacEnulty Clubland Amer Nazir Creatures of Chaos James Moon Cyber Attack Patrick Sarnataro Dear Forgiveness Lawrence Dumas Jr. Dear, […]

Semi Finalist Oct 2023

Title Name 2020 Xi Ren Ayzn Evangeline Palting Broadway Loves Me cal athan CAPTIVITY RW Jones Drovers Bruce Dundore Family Affairs Siena Gostigian Forty Winks Andrew Stein FREE RUN James Dillon Glory Hills G. Wallace Heals Lisa Gorlitsky Heartbreaker Andrew Stein Hidden Todd Lien Hiding Behind God Vince Grittani Kalytera (Full Length) Theodore Teris Knuckles […]