Quarter Finalist

Title Writer ‘The Torrential Ford John Gillevet ‘Wrong Turn at Albuquerque Daniel Pero A Very Bad Divorce Niles Welikson Brother Rosalino Frank Kyazze Call of the Void Benjammin None Carmine Kevin Overton Cruise of the Amberjack Evelyn Foster Da MaN Oronde Lewis Dark Alley Erik Huska Donald’s Block Party Matt Rhoden Flatline James Lee Game […]

Semi Finalists

Title Name 16th Street Kevin Michael Morin A Place in the World Michael Stern BrooklynStart Brandon Triola Charli Amber Jones Cohetes Drew Saplin Creatures of Chaos James Moon FAIRE Tessa Flannery Field Day Brett Allen Fishing With Elvis Mark Gentile Halo Bryce Breen Hiding Behind God Vince Grittani Holy Warfare Robert Milius Hunt Man’s Land […]