January 2022 Quarter Finalists

TITLE WRITER 16 Doors Jeff Broussard A Grozny Affair Zed Martin A long road ahead Bernhard Riedhammer A Promise of Vengeance Giacomo Giammatteo Adult Acne Jade Tremblay Airborne Kiley Rothweiler Almost All American Richard Winzeler Aloha Carl Hellstrom AMERICA: THE TRUTHFULLY ABSURD LIFE AND TIMES OF FLORANCE MELTINGPOTT John T. Frederick Amongst the Ordinary Jeremy […]

January 2022 Semi Finalists

TITLE WRITER A Boy Named David Rob McIntosh A Dirty Business Gregg Greenberg A Family Quest Ruth Simerly A Nice Place to Visit John Munn A Siren’s Sweet Whisper Fred G Stemme Adventures in Serial Killing John Munn AIRMID Steve McCarten Amends Siena Gostigian Angels in the OR Kac Young Arkadelphia Laurie McKinsey B damned […]