2021 Winter SF

TITLE WRITER A Cozy Little Town Edward Hicklin A Fire in the Mind Ken White A Free Man Chelsea Harfoush A Secret to Tell Andre Orr An Odd Sort of Evening – Feature Sam Caton ANITA TACO JT O’Neal Antonia Allways – Who is Merlin? Gordon Phipps As Burns This Saint Jake Baird Baby Boomers […]

2021 Winter QF

TITLE WRITER 15 Minutes Lori Dunklin 2 Brothers Thomas Pierre Maddox 6th Sense ‘Pilot: I Saw What Happened’ Heidi Segal A Brave Soul Timothy Patrick O’Neill A Drop of Time Stephanie Hoernes A fighter’s heart kelly byrnes A Heart Laid Bare–The Extraordinary Life of E.A.Poe Pavel Cerny A Love Story John Hancock A Stop In […]