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Screenwriting competition Entries

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Join this season’s contest and see why the NYC International Screenplay Awards is the fastest growing screenplay competition in the world! 

Feature Script Entry

Features must be in English, submitted in PDF format, and a maximum length of 130 pages.

Winner Receives

Script Entry

TV Scripts must be in English, submitted in PDF format, and a maximum length of 75 pages.

Winner Receives

Script Entry

Short Scripts must be in English, submitted in PDF format, and a maximum length of 30 pages.

Winner Receives



1. Script Feedback

What makes us unique is that every script gets analysis as part of the standard entry fee. We also offer the industry’s leading Full Analysis through our partners at the Screenplay Awards Network. At an extra fee your script will be read by script development professionals, analyzed through a 10+ page document, and returned to you within 10 business days, guaranteed! 

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2. Our Winners Benefit

Our winners are exposed to producers, directors, agents, and managers who can make a difference. Our team has forged relationships with successful and reputable professionals whose interests align with our promising winners. Our past winners have earned literary representation, paid writing gigs, and forged valuable relationships. 

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3. Quick Turnaround

Unlike some screenplay competitions that leave their writers waiting for analysis and contest results, we have a robust staff of professionals that oversee your script every step along the process. We make sure your feedback and analysis is returned within 10 business days, and that results are announced within 30 days from the close of the competition. 

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4. Reputability

NYCISA has a reputation as the gold standard of the industry. Our staff is dedicated to discovering the best scripts, while also making sure every writer who takes part in our contest notices our passion. Our analysis is inspired, our love for writing and screenwriters is undeniable… and this is the foundation on which the organization was built. 

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We make sure every writer receives the respect they deserve. Your script is guaranteed a full evaluation from our development partners at the Screenplay Awards Network.

Through our partnerships in film finance and development, we guarantee quality control and accurate assessments regarding the financial viability of all screenplays entered into our screenplay competition.